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DAB One plays a more relaxing mix of songs from the last 60 years with a less strident beat. Less drummer beating pounding on the group......OK, we do have some Phil Collins in there, but in a gentle way. There is beat and strings, and clapping. You can hear the lighter soundtrack of your life and the memories these tracks bring back.

We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The music we play may have a beat, but is definitely more than just boom boom boom. You can tap your foot while at the traffic lights and sing along (It’s OK, no one can hear you), but enjoy the lyrics and musicianship in the recordings. Interesting arrangements, from the last 60 years, for a soothing day.

Stay tuned as we expand the service to bring you a wide range of items for your mellow day.

For Southampton, Eastleigh, the Waterside, Romsey and the New Forest we are DAB One

Steely Day

Walter Becker and Donald Fagen


Artists We Play

You can hear from these artists throughout the day on DAB One

The Comodores

With Lional Richie

Juice Newton

A Queen on TheMellowSound

Roxy Music

The Mellow Sound is a Drug

We’ve Playing More Than


songs each week

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You can listen via this website, or there are a number of apps that link to us. You can listen via your mobile device using the Radio FM app, MyTuner App or Radio Garden. Other ways to listen will be added over time. Maybe even DAB in Southampton.

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Main Email : studio@dab1.uk Inquiries : info@dab1.uk

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